…is the digital extension to the conferences at each festival. Internationally relevant sessions and panels are video recorded, and will be made available here, in the #conference library.

This way the learnings created at the events will become a sustainable source of digital knowledge transfer for everyone in the European music industry as well as for the generation of music pros to come.


In Conversation with Pedro Winter
Sonic Visions 2019 2019
Olaf Furniss, Pedro Winter
Artists & Managers as Entrepreneurs
Sonic Visions 2019 2019
Elvis Duarte, Gordon Masson, Hari Ashurst-Venn, Ineke Daans, Jennifer Gunn, Sarah Stam
21st Century Promotion
Sonic Visions 2019 2019
Daniel Koch, Hannah Marsh, Jerôme Reuter, Sebastien Desprez, Tom Brumpton
The Streaming Business: Behind the Playlists
Sonic Visions 2019 2019
Chris Cooke, Nikita Wiessner, Victor Conradsson
21st Century Publishing
Sonic Visions 2019 2019
Craig Jelf, Fredrik Nedelmann, Markus Linde, Matteo Cernuschi, Wendi Pendeza Kazonza
EU Tool Box for Artists & Managers
Sonic Visions 2019 2019
Christoph Thun, Geraldine Zanaska, Markus Graf, Sten Ove Toft, Tina Wedmann
Building a Sustainable Music Industry
Sonic Visions 2019 2019
Allan McGowan, Chiara Amadori, Frank Kimenai, Helen Smith, Max Hochmuth
Technology & Innovation x Creativity & Music
Sonic Visions 2019 2019
Andreas Schoenrock, Benigno Perez Carrasco, Hari Ashurst-Venn, Tessa Rose Jackson, Vic Galloway
Someone presents Orbit
Sonic Visions 2019 2019
Tessa Rose Jackson
Keynote by Andreas Schoenrock
Sonic Visions 2019 2019
Andreas Schoenrock
Technology & Innovation x Business & Management
Sonic Visions 2019 2019
Colin Lovrinovic, Dr Johannes Ripken, Gail Kent, Geraldine Zanaska, Olivier Zephir, Turo Pekari
Releasing a Single in One Hour – LIVE
MENT Ljubljana 2019 2019
Kukla Kesherović, Wesley T. A’Harrah