…is the digital extension to the conferences at each festival. Internationally relevant sessions and panels are video recorded, and will be made available here, in the #conference library.

This way the learnings created at the events will become a sustainable source of digital knowledge transfer for everyone in the European music industry as well as for the generation of music pros to come.


EmpowerMENT: Artist Perspectives and Roadmaps for the Ex-YU Region
MENT Ljubljana 2018 2018
Ana-Marija Cupin, Guri Shkodra, Jernej Šavel, Koen ter Heegde, Lucija Ivšić
Keynote Interview: Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC Radio 6)
MENT Ljubljana 2018 2018
Mary Anne Hobbs, Richard J. Foster
Digital Marketing of Live Events – Turn Your Fans into Digital Influencers
MENT Ljubljana 2018 2018
Daniela Grečnerová
More than Just Music Festivals
MENT Ljubljana 2018 2018
Eva Matjaž, Ingrid Kohtla, Mirca Lotz, Sasu Paakkunainen
Keynote Interview: Helen Smith (IMPALA)
MENT Ljubljana 2018 2018
Helen Smith