…is the digital extension to the conferences at each festival. Internationally relevant sessions and panels are video recorded, and will be made available here, in the #conference library.

This way the learnings created at the events will become a sustainable source of digital knowledge transfer for everyone in the European music industry as well as for the generation of music pros to come.


Keynote Interview: Natasha Padabed
MENT Ljubljana 2019 2019
Matjaž Manček, Natasha Padabed
5 Things Everyone Should Know About Streaming in 2019
MENT Ljubljana 2019 2019
Peter Åstedt
The Showcase Bubble and How to Escape It
MENT Ljubljana 2019 2019
Andraž Kajzer, Maša Pavoković, Michał Hajduk, Mira Lu Kovacs, Thomas Heher
Tommy Darker: A.I. and the Future of Education
Sonic Visions 2018 2018
Tommy Darker
Keynote by Benji Rogers
Sonic Visions 2018 2018
Benji Rogers
The Streaming Business Explained
Sonic Visions 2018 2018
Chris Cooke
Making Money on Bandcamp for Artists and Labels
Sonic Visions 2018 2018
Aly Gillani
XA Outcome (Austrian Export Award) – Cari Cari
Waves Vienna 2018 2018
Franz Hergovich, Julia Scherz, Thomas Heher
Who is INES?
Waves Vienna 2018 2018
Lena Engeln, Rui Torrinha, Silvia Sardeira
The Radio Panel
Waves Vienna 2018 2018
Daniel Balaž, Inga Ramoskaite, Jernej Sobocan, Norbert Bozym, Rui Miguel Abreu, Samir Culic
The Music Scene in Slovakia
Waves Vienna 2018 2018
Alexander Čerevka, Dalibor Kocian, Michal Bereznak, Monika Satkova, Robert Špoták
The Music Scene in Portugal
Waves Vienna 2018 2018
António Cunha, Luis Soares, Miguel Carretas, Pedro Nascimento, Pedro Oliveira, Rui Miguel Abreu