…is the digital extension to the conferences at each festival. Internationally relevant sessions and panels are video recorded, and will be made available here, in the #conference library.

This way the learnings created at the events will become a sustainable source of digital knowledge transfer for everyone in the European music industry as well as for the generation of music pros to come.


What is INES? Presentation of Innovation Network of European Showcases!
Enea Spring Break 2018 2018
Andraž Kajzer, Marcus Rüssel, Thomas Roscheck
Why digital music piracy is still a major problem
Westway LAB 2018 2018
Francisco Borges
The future of music - a debate on the future of music
Westway LAB 2018 2018
Cai Trefor, Frantz Steinbach, Mark Kitcatt
Bitcoins & Blockchains
Westway LAB 2018 2018
Jordi Puy, Marcus O'Dair
Presentation of 'Music Moves Europe'
Westway LAB 2018 2018
Matthieu Philibert, Susana Costa Pereira
Trends in digital rights & management
Westway LAB 2018 2018
Turo Pekari, Virgine Berger
Exporting European music via US synchs
Westway LAB 2018 2018
Dan Koplowitz
New digital influencers & music licensing
Westway LAB 2018 2018
Paul Sampson
The Role of Music Journalism in the Era of Social Media
MENT Ljubljana 2018 2018
Ingrid Kohtla, Isabella-Anja Khom, Monika Marušić, Nur Al Habash
The Bright Future of Music Streaming (and Possible Side Effects)
MENT Ljubljana 2018 2018
Eric Eitel, Olya Moldavskaya, Sammy Andrews, Steffen Holly
Record Labels in the Balkans – A State of Play
MENT Ljubljana 2018 2018
Danijel Sikora, Didier Gosset, Marko Godnjavec, Nikola Jovanović
EmpowerMENT: Artist Perspectives and Roadmaps for the Ex-YU Region
MENT Ljubljana 2018 2018
Ana-Marija Cupin, Guri Shkodra, Jernej Šavel, Koen ter Heegde, Lucija Ivšić