Agents’ Panel – The Day After moMENT

Host: Rok Košir (R.O.K. booking & management, SI)
Speakers: Clémence Renaut (ATC Live, FR), Lucy Atkinson (Earth Agency, UK), Marijn Westerlaken (BLiP Agency, NL), Christian Kirmes Kühr (Powerline Agency, DE)

Let’s kick off the last conference day with an overview of the best MENT performances of the first two days – who are the artists that left the best impression on the present booking agents? Do agents have a specific A&R process? Where do they look for new talents? Which are the fundamental criteria when they choose? How long do they observe their potential protégées? And finally, what’s the first thing they do in the morning after a night out that unexpectedly brought them into contact with an extraordinary new talent?

MENT Ljubljana 2020 2020