EmpowerMENT: Artist Perspectives and Roadmaps for the Ex-YU Region

Four musicians from different corners of the former Yugoslavia share their knowledge, first-hand experience and insights on a variety of topics, ranging from their local context to promoters and agents, DIY vs. the industry, and international perspectives. How to get your band from the Niš-Ekspres to the Trans Europa Express, how to start an independent venue, and how to make a living as a musician in/from the region. Not introducing the same old ideas, but discussing new opportunities and horizons, for and by musicians, regarding infrastructure, audiences and media. The panelists share their experience, roadmaps, and navigation, and travel from one topic to another. They improvise and introduce shortcuts, recommending the best transfer at the right station. Visitors from other destinations can hop aboard to get a better understanding of the music environment and the regional infrastructure.

MENT Ljubljana 2018 2018