Festivals between the Alps and the Urals

Host: Vasil Gjuroski (RakettNatt, Winterland, NO)
Speakers: Ivana Jelača (INmusic Festival, HR), Filip Košťálek (Colors of Ostrava, CZ), Stefan Kazaryan (Bol Festival, Moscow Music Week, RU), Titus Carole (Electric Castle, RO)

In the last decade, there has been an observable growth in the number of festivals in Central and Eastern Europe – small and big ones, niche and unique. Which are the challenges organisers face in countries with less developed festival traditions and a lower consumer buying power? How to attract festival headliners? How to compete with other festivals? How to satisfy the needs and address the specifics of local audiences? Are there perhaps any advantages in comparison with festivals in the West?

MENT Ljubljana 2020 2020