Future Music City – Discussing the role of the Liverpool City Region Music Board

On Wednesday 7th March 2018, Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram announced the formation of a Liverpool City Region Music Board, with the ambition to make music „an essential thread of our Fourth Industrial Revolution economy” and emphasising that music is, „integral to who we are, so we need to ensure it is a fundamental component of what we will be in the future.”

This welcome move comes at a challenging time for the local music sector and follows a series of reports into the state of Liverpool music published in recent months; the Liverpool edition of the UK Live Music Census, Liverpool City Council’s Music Strategy, the LJMU and Bido Lito! authored ‘Liverpool, Music City?’ report and a latest offering from UK Music focussed on the impact of music tourism on the city region.

The Liverpool City Region Music Board structure mirrors that of the London Music Board, which has delivered notable successes in the two years since its formation. These include the board’s work on the London Live Music Rescue Plan, their success in abolishing form 696 and as a key driving force behind the recent parliamentary move to assume the Agent Of Change principle into UK planning law.

Join Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham, London’s night Czar and Chair of the London Music Board Amy Lamé, iconic international Liverpool DJ Yousef, Natalie Williams UK Music’s Head Of Research and Bido Lito!’s Craig G Pennington to discuss the future vision for the Liverpool City Region Music Board.

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