Digital Marketing of Live Events – Turn Your Fans into Digital Influencers

Before you boost your event on Facebook, what can you do to prepare? Daniela Grečnerova is an online marketing specialist. In this video she delivers some hard truths about digital marketing strategy.

If you don’t have a budget, you can get friends and fans to share. But a successful strategy has to be paid. Organic reach doesn’t exist. Facebook is not enough – Instagram is growing, and YouTube shouldn’t be forgotten. But old fashioned e-mail marketing can be a secret weapon, so don’t kill your mailing lists.

Pictures are vital – and each image should be tested for different audiences. Videos are important as they attract more clicks than text. But videos must fit the format of the final channel: mobile devices requires a square or 3:4 format, not 16:9. This matters because most people watch videos on their phones, not on desktops.

Create content frequently and consistently. Many people give up too early. „You have to learn from mistakes and testing,“ Daniela says. Artists must understand their audience and tailor content to suit them. Use tools such as the Facebook and Instagram business manager pages, and the Spotify App for Artists.

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