Keynote Interview: Natasha Padabed

Whereas Orlando Figes symbolically projected his research of Russia’s cultural history in the influential essay “Natasha’s Dance” through Tolstoy’s Natasha, we can largely project the intertwining and exchange of contemporary music between Russia and Europe through the activities and experience of the contemporary Natasha. With her agency More Zvukov and its ports in Rotterdam and Berlin, Natasha Padabed has helped bring some of the most interesting Russian and Ukrainian acts to Europe (Messer Chups, DakhaBrakha, Onuka, Oligarkh, Shortparis, Lucidvox…). As the curator of important Russian international contemporary music festivals (SKIF, Electro-Mechanica, Ethnomechanica), she brings unique international acts to Saint Petersburg every year, from Felix Kubin, The Ex and Ben Frost to the Slovenian band Širom. In the interview, she’ll share interesting stories from her rich experience, as well as an outline and forecast of what will happen in the sea of sound between the two cultural poles in the current cultural and political reality.

MENT Ljubljana 2019 2019