Music Media in Central and Eastern Europe

Host: Gordon Masson (IQ Magazine, UK)

Speakers: Edo Plovanić (, HR), Michal Parizek (Full Moon Magazine, CZ), Nadya Samodurova (Storona, Lucidvox, RU), Žiga Pucelj (Radio Študent, SI)
When we talk about music media, we always think about Anglo-American giants. Due to language barriers and fragmented music markets, Central and Eastern European music media outlets struggle to reach wider audiences. Nevertheless, there are many diverse cutting-edge cases that have had an immense impact on individual music markets. Let’s meet Radio Študent, one of Europe’s oldest and strongest non-commercial, alternative radio stations,, the most popular music site in the Balkans, Full Moon Magazine, one of the few printed music magazines in the region, and the Russian online magazine Storona, which presents new, yet undiscovered acts.

MENT Ljubljana 2020 2020