More than Just Music Festivals

Europe has many unique music festivals that offer performance opportunities for emerging artists. This panel provides a presentation from three such festivals, and gives an insight into what the bookers are looking for.

Tallinn Music Week is a showcase festival that brings the Estonian capital to life. It combines live music, an industry conference, a restaurant festival and city stages. Ingrid Kohtla describes how the festival’s small core team of five manages a growing dynamic festival.

Slush Music in Helsinki started as a startup business conference, but has turned into festival for creativity. Sasu Paakunainen describes the transition and expansion of Slush into Finland’s most exciting music week. The connecting to the tech conference opens opportunities for interaction with entrepreneurs who might disrupt the music business in the future.

We Make Waves in Berlin is a botique festival and conference in Berlin that provides opportunities to female artists and music business professionals. Mirca Lotz explains how it started with the vision of addressing the gender balance of music festivals. The conference has topics such as mental health, family planning and youth empowerment.

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