Streaming For Underdogs

Host: Aly Gillani (Bandcamp, UK)
Speakers: Peter Åstedt (MusicHelp, Live at Heart, SE), Victor Conradsson (Believe Digital, FR), Hannes Tschürtz (InkMusic, AT)

In the past few years, we have been constantly reminded that streaming is the saviour of the music industry and that landing on important playlists represents a key factor to propel your career and break into the public sphere. But which are the real options for up-and-coming singers, musicians and producers, especially those from smaller, non-Western countries who release their music on independent labels or even by themselves? Which strategies to employ when we don’t have access to the most influential playlists or we don’t know how to outsmart algorithms? Are there any side doors for the underdogs? These and other useful tips and tricks on how to break onto the streaming market…

MENT Ljubljana 2020 2020