Technology & Innovation x Creativity & Music

Music is a driver for technology & innovation and vice-versa. Many music genres and styles are directly linked to innovative and new production and composition techniques whereas artists have triggered technological solutions empowering their artistic vision. Today, digital assistants use artificial intelligence to help us with daily tasks and AI based solutions and apps start to appear on the horizon of music creation and production. At the same time, AR and VR technologies seem to offer new ways to experience live music and blockchain based solutions try to create models for a fairer ecosystem for artists and musicians in an all-digital world.

During the panel, tech experts, creative entrepreneurs and artists will discuss the link between creativity and technology and what kind of future scenarios we can expect. How are new technologies like AI and AR going to influence the way media & entertainment are created, produced and experienced by people ? What could be the impact on the music industry and how will artists and composers deal with the new technology ?

Friday, Nov 15, 2019, Sonic Visions

TESSA ROSE JACKSON (Someone / Artist and Project Manager)
BENIGNO PEREZ CARRASCO (CG Lux Production SA / Studio Manager & Technical Supervisor)
ANDREAS SCHOENROCK (Studio Schoenrock / Entrepreneur & Musicologist)

VIC GALLOWAY (BBC / Broadcaster, Journalist)

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