The Showcase Bubble and How to Escape It

It’s hard to be a noob in the industry. This seems to be changing with all the showcase festivals and similar music industry events popping up all over the world. Agents, managers and promoters have many new places to meet and connect. Young blood gets the chance to learn and network, and artists have the chance to show what they’re made of. The European showcase circuit is up and running at full speed, and never before in the history of popular music have so many young bands played abroad so frequently. It seems the “showcase every weekend” recipe sucks the energy out of the new and inexperienced bands who haven’t even decided what they want next week. It seems the showcase platform is the new disease. It’s YouTube in live action – so many artists putting their music out there, with only a few of them actually being heard. Is the showcase a new oasis? An illusion? Is it distorting the real picture or making a new one? Is showcasing a solution or a tool? And what’s next?

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