The Streaming Business: Behind the Playlists

Streaming is now the single biggest revenue stream for the recorded music business worldwide and has enabled the record industry to return to growth. For artists releasing their music in 2019, playlist inclusion and a coherent strategy targeting streaming platforms are key elements to their success. But between user-curated playlists, branded-only playlists and Spotify official playlists it’s difficult for artists and their team to identify the gatekeepers and to know how to connect with them.

During the panel we will discuss how the streaming business works, how to use these new opportunities to develop emerging artists’ careers and explore the behind-the-scenes of playlists.

Saturday, Nov 16, 2019, Sonic Visions

VICTOR CONRADSSON (Believe Digital / Sales Support & Innovations Lead, Key Account Manager)
NIKITA WIESSNER (bitbird / Manager)

CHRIS COOKE (CMU / Co-founder & Managing Director)

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