Touring the Brotherhood and Unity Highway

Host: Koen Ter Heegde (Yugofuturism, Subroutine Records, NL)
Speakers: Miran Rusjan (Moonlee Records, MENT, SI), Tejka Vasiljević (Password Production, MK), Jovana Coka Stanković (Odličan Hrčak, Kontakt, RS), Monika Marušić (The Garden, LAA, Cereal Booking, HR)

The individual presentations of national markets of ex-Yugoslavi (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) will be followed by a debate that will unify and contextualize all the presented information, offering an even more insightful perspective on touring potentials in the former Yugoslavia region. In addition, you will get some practical advice and learn about individual cultural features – useful knowledge when you plan a tour abroad. Get in the van and tour the Brotherhood and Unity Highway!

MENT Ljubljana 2020 2020