Venues. Challenges. Solutions.

Host: Marjan Dewulf (4AD, BE)
Speakers: Ben Kamsma (Paradiso, NL), Katarina Deskovič (Gala Hala, SI), Balázs Soós (A38, HU), Frank Dietrich (Gleis 22, DE)

At the first MENT, we described venues as the main constituent of concert activities with the term FundaMENT. What is the current situation in clubland? How venues create their identity? Which is the best curatorial strategy and what role does long-term audience education play in it? How to sell out a venue with promising lesser-known acts? Where to look for such acts in a sea of offers? What is the function of the various international networks and platforms in terms of artists’ exchange between various markets? How important are the relationships with the city and local community, and how to tackle gentrification?

MENT Ljubljana 2020 2020