c/o pop Festival & Convention 2020
22.04.2020 – 26.04.2020

The c/o pop festival’s recipe for success is simple: Since 2004 the c/o pop festival has musically been offering a great mix of established artists and newcomers, including electro, indie, and related styles as well as international and national acts. In addition to the headliner shows, there are also numerous concerts and showcases of the hottest newcomers free of charge. During the 14th edition of the c/o pop Festival in 2017, more 155 acts from more than 20 countries performed, a new record for the music festival from Cologne. From major open air locations to the Philharmonic Hall, the Gloria theatre and the WDR Sendesaal, the festival will again take over the city of Cologne to give the visitors an amazing musical experience.

At the same time as the festival, the c/o pop Convention is taking place, offering a two-day conference program to more than 1,200 professional visitors. The simultaneously organized industry event c/o pop Convention brings together German and foreign professionals, who are sharing their ideas on the most current developments of the music industry, especially in regards to the developments and implications of the digital transformation.

Therefore, the content related focuses lies on the activation of interfaces between the music industry to the film, TV, games and advertising industries. People are looking for new potentials in this, since the turnover of the music industry as almost halved since the mid-nineties, due to digital transformation and the disruption of the business models.
Another new focus is »New Talent«.

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