INES#conference progreamme at Live at Heart 2018

August 29, 2018

Live at Heart began in 2010 when Live at Heart’s founders Anders Damberg and Johannes Nilsson wanted to create a space for local, unsigned bands to play for larger audiences. In it’s first year, Live at Heart featured 102 different acts and hosted gigs on 10 different venues around Örebro.

Over the years, Live at Heart has evolved into a creative industry conference and showcase festival – attended by hundreds of artists, filmmakers och creative professionals from all over the world. The event has grown into one of the biggest of it’s kind in all of Scandinavia, and has been listed as one of the most important industry events of the year by Imusican.

Live at Heart is partnered with INES and is hosting their conference this year on the 7th and 8th of September! Below you will find the programme guide and details about each of the panels associated with INES!

Friday 7 of September

12:00 (Noon) at Scandic Gloria // How to Get Into the UK 

Panelists: Umong Shah (Manager, Fortitude music), Sara Martin (BookerEntertainers Show Providers Ltd), Andy Koufou (Booker and Manager on AKTION Music), Elle Exxe (Artist).

The UK is the market the influences the whole world. Many trends start here and many artists’ careers start in UK. At the same time, it’s a tough market and is in many ways working not like the rest of Europe. And what is the thoughts will happen when Brexit goes through in March 2019. Get hands on the tip about how to enter this exciting market.

14:00 (2 pm) at Scandic Gloria // Introduction to IMMF (International Music Managers Forum)

Panelists: Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (Manager, Adviser IMMF) – More panelist to be announced.

The manager’s role is really growing in the music industry. IMMF is a great way to broaden your network as managers, at the same time get support and knowledge from other members. Live at Heart has many managers or people thinking of start working with bands. This is your opportunity to hear about the forum and meet some experienced managers.

Saturday 8 of September

10:00 (am) at Scandic Glora // How to Get a Director Interested in My Music

Panelists: Kave Raufi (Kave Film), Ulrika Holmebrg (Musichelp), Rickard Åstedt (Ljud och Bildmedia)

Three years ago, we had the director and producer Kavi Raufi on Live at Heart talking about his new tv series and how he would choose music.

The TV series “Systerkoden” just had premiered on SF anytime and now Kavi is back explaining how he chooses the music and why? Also how it was to communicate with the artists and the people around it. also brining Rickard Åstedt Director of Photography for the TV Serie. This is how to get an insight into how the working process is around a production of a TV series what they are seeking after and how to present it right. On the panel is also Ulrika Holmberg from Musichelp who provided some of the music.

11:00 (11 am) at Scandic Gloria // Make Success With Your Digital Communication

Lecture with Johan Bollman

A lecture with Johan Bollman. We have chosen a person that is not working with music. Instead, Johan is lecturing around how to communicate, and that is on everything. Here you learn how to communicate in the digital channels.

12:00 (Noon) at Scandic Gloria // How to Write Music for Commercials

Speaker: Adam Elk (Storefront Music)

Write jingles or scores is a lucrative way to earn money for musicians when they are not touring. But it’s different; it’s not your normal pop song. There is a lot of things to think about and how to present it to clients. Here Adam Elk from Storfronmusic in NYC explains it all. Storfronmusic is a successful agency and studio in NYC. They have done work on the big brands like IBM, Gatorade, Time Warner Cable, Google and many more and use songwriters around the world.

12:00 (Noon) at Scandic Greta // Blockchain for Dummies

A conversation between Jeff Bacon and Peter Åstedt

So you heard about blockchain? And what does it have to do with your music? Yes, blockchain is everywhere and you struggle to really get what it is and what it could benefit you. Here we do a conversation around the whole thing with Jeff Bacon from AudioCoin. Don’t be afraid of the new technology embrace it and use it, its here to stay. We bring it down to the beginner’s level.

14:00 (2 pm), at Scandic Greta // Are We Equal?

Panelists: Elin Krän (EQ Loves Music), Melisha Linnell (EQ Loves Music)

Live at heart has signed the agreement with Keychange to be equal in the booking before 2022. The festival inside booking had a much shorter vision and achieved it this year. Still, we have a long way to go; it’s not just the booking it’s in the overall industry. Here is a panel discussion with EQ loves music. EQ Loves Music is a Gothenburg based initiative to promote professional music created by women and from the perspective of gender equality.

15:00 (3 pm) at Scandic Gloria // Meet SXSW

Meet Mirko Whitfield, SXSW director of Europe.

Everything you ever wanted to know about South by Southwest in Austin, the biggest showcase festival in the world.

How Cool Works in Popular Culture

Lecture by: Joel Dinerstein

Cool is a cultural password for individual rebellion as mediated in music, film, and sports. Cool is an interactive process between artist and audience that cannot be predicted or marketed. A new artistic vision appears and youthful seekers intuitively grasp that their yearning has taken form. Cool is the key filter between popular culture and artistic production — it separates the artists from the entertainers. Cool is a history of rebellion against oppressive forces that begins with the postwar Black jazz musicians who invented the language and style to defy racism : being cool, cool it, cool jazz, cool cats. Cool is what happens when artist, vision, and audience collide.