INES#conference programme at Enea Spring Break 2018

April 2, 2018

As a founding member Enea Spring Break has become part of INES . Therefore this year’s conference programme is filled with English spoken panels.

FRIDAY 20th of April:

Can music make you sick? 
According to the world’s largest known academic study into music and mental health conducted by the University of Westminster, although music can make you feel better you can expect exactly the opposite from working in the music industry. 71% of those surveyed experienced anxiety attacks, 65% depression. How do you deal with the inability to plan for the future, stress, the lack of support system and poor working conditions in a 24/7 industry?

Host: Misia Furtak
Sally-Anne Gross (University Of Westminster, former Mercury Records A&R)
Ralph Kaminski (Polish vocalist)
Guna Zučika (manager of Carnival Youth from Latvia, former manager of Brainstorm)

Welcome To Hungary! An introduction to the market.
In the last 16 months it was hard not to meet a Hungarian delegate or musician at any international conferences or showcase events from SXSW to Zandari. Thanks to the common export brand of their local market, HOTS (Hungarian Oncoming Tunes) as the new export bureau helped the professionals and the artists to develop a new method of open applications and funding, while the Hungarian music – along with the market behind that – started to become visible again. If you’re curious about the current trends, educational & international projects between the Polish and Hungarian sectors, don’t miss out this panel.

Host: Dávid Bali (Hungarian Oncoming Tunes, Liveurope)
Magda Chołyst (Art Coach, Outbreakers’ Lab)
Péter Soltész (AM:PM Records, trustee for IMMF Hungary)

SATURDAY 21st of April:

What is INES? Presentation of Innovation Network of European Showcases! 
INES is a network of European showcase festivals co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. It aims at creating synergies and connecting showcase festivals, artists and music professionals. This panel will give you insight into the project and explain the opportunities it offers to bands and professionals from all over Europe!

Marcus Rüssel (gigmit, project leader)
Thomas Roscheck (Sonic Visions)
Andraz Kajzer  (MENT Ljubljana)

Video game killed the radio star.
Video games are quickly becoming a very important place for music. Established Polish musicians who became game creators will talk about significance of choosing the right sounds for the games. They will be joined by guests from Berlin based Sound Of Games.

Host: Bartek Chaciński (Polityka)
Mariusz Szypura (Happy Pills / Silver Rocket / Telehorse S.A.)
Mariusz Leśniewski (Hatifnats / Cherrypick Games SA)
Marcin Sonnenberg (composer)

Music Export Offices – does the music industry need them?
What does it mean to “export” music? How does it work? Who can be “exported” and why? We will have some experts who will be glad to explain it to you!

Host: Iga Zawadzińska (IAM)
Ben Ling (Le Bureau Export)
Marton Naray (SoundCzech)
Marek Hojda (ZAiKS, Biuro Eksportu Muzyki MexP)

Meeting with Henry McGroggan
Henry McGroggan – in the music industry since late 70’s, working with Iggy Pop since 1979. Involved in all aspects of live work, he was a sound engineer, production manager, promoter’s rep, tour manager, advance coordinator, tour accountant to eventually become a manager utilizing decades long experience. Believes in tailoring the artist development strategy to each client individually as there is no recipe for success, longevity or perpetual adulation.
Iggy Pop, Iggy and The Stooges, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie (Tin Machine), David Byrne, The Corrs, Aztec Camera, The Damned, Big Country, Marianne Faithfull, Hothouse Flowers, Misia, Clannad, Henry Rollins, Skalpel, Zamilska, Myslovitz are among the Artists he’s worked with. He’s currently based in Warsaw. About living in Poland: “I feel like a citizen of the world but Poland feels most like home”

Host: Roman Rogowieck