INES#talent – Applications for 2019 now open

Juni 1, 2018

Applications are now open for INES#talent, the programme that sends emerging musicians around Europe to play at influential showcase festivals.

Many music careers have been launched at showcase festivals, all of which combine public performances with music business conferences and trade shows. INES#talent is a European exchange programme that helps artists get booked at showcase festivals. The project started in 2018 covering eight festivals across Europe. Now INES is expanding by adding four new festivals (Linecheck, Budapest Showcase Hub, ℅ pop und Nouvelle Prague) to its network.

As a result, artists applying for INES#talent will get more chances to be booked. INES#talent is a pool of bands and solo performers who are selected by the festivals as the best new talent from their respective countries. This is a unique chance for artists to breakthrough and launch their international careers. There are around 100 performance slots available exclusively to artists in the INES#talent pool, for which 100 artists will be nominated by the participating festivals.

From June 1 until July 31, bands will be able to submit their applications at to be nominated as an INES#talent for 2019.

Most importantly, the selected artists will perform in front of music industry professionals in other countries due to the special business-focused nature of showcase festivals. This increases their chance of being booked for future festivals and tours across European borders.

This year’s INES#talent pool is already enjoying the benefits of the programme. In 2018, 104 artists have been nominated for INES#talent by INES partner festivals. So far, 60 #talent bookings were confirmed for the 2018 festival season. Among the top talents are Molly (Austria), who have already played at three of four festivals, as well as 13 bands such as The Magnettes (Sweden), Futurski (Slovenia) and Mother’s Cake (Austria) with two bookings each.

Berlin-based indie band HYMMJ was selected through INES#talent to play at Enea Spring Break in Poland, and says: „Everything was perfectly organized and the crowd was enthusiastic! Radio stations, booking agencies and festivals approached us afterwards – we couldn’t ask for a better first show in Poland! Thanks to INES for making this possible.”

To apply, artists must originate from one of at least 12 countries where INES festivals take place. These are:

  • Austria (Waves Vienna),
  • Czech Republic (Nouvelle Prague),
  • Germany (℅ pop),
  • Hungary (Budapest Showcase Hub),
  • Italy (Linecheck),
  • Luxembourg (Sonic Visions),
  • Poland (Enea Spring Break),
  • Portugal (Westway LAB),
  • Slovenia (MENT Ljubljana),
  • Spain (Monkey Week),
  • Sweden (Live at Heart), and
  • United Kingdom (Liverpool Sound City).

Picture: Mothers Cake at MENT Ljubljana 2018 © Nejc Ketis