Live at Heart opens registrations for 2018

Februar 6, 2018

With 200 musical acts, 300 gigs at 20 different venues, Live at Heart is one of the biggest showcase festivals in all of Scandinavia.


Live at Heart is attended by audiences and professional delegates in music and film industries from all over the world. In other words: If you want to get discovered, this is the place to be.

If accepted to play there, these are the terms of your participation:

  • you are offered at least 1 (one) gig during one of the festival’s evenings between 5/9-8/9 2018. The gig will be 40 minutes long. A possible promotion concert is during daytime and is 20 minutes. In addition, there might turn up more opportunities to play.
  • the band/artists receive one festival pass per person. The acts crew members (maximum two persons per act) register themselves as a music industry and will also receive a festival pass each. With the help of this pass, you can access all seminars, concerts, film screenings and more.
  • the artist should cover their own travel expenses to the festival.
  • you are offered subsidized accommodation in a four-star hotel in the city center of Örebro.

Last day to apply is 31st May.
Apply here for a gig at Live at Heart 2018


In the daytime music professionals can attend the Live at Heart Conference: lectures, seminars, workshops and networking activities on subjects related to music, film, entrepreneurship, and business.

Register now for you free delegates pass for Live at Heart


2018 INES artists chosen by Live at Heart are these ones from Sweden so far:

  • Anna Fogel
  • Dimpker Brothers
  • Jetbone
  • Lighthouse Sweden
  • Meadows
  • Postures
  • Royal Prospect
  • The Hawkins
  • The Magnettes

2019 artists will be chosen during Live at Heart 2018.