Nearing Linecheck Italy

November 12, 2018

Back in mid-summer we announced that four festivals were added to the INES network! One of those, Linecheck, is hosting their festival and conference this November!

Linecheck will be having their event November 21 – 26 in Milan, Italy and is pulling out their fourth event. Linecheck has been one of the top gateways in the last two years to integrate into the Italian music market!

INES#talents are making their mark on the Italian stage that week! So why don’t you take a look and fix them in your schedule:

And it definitely doesn’t stop with the music. Put your mind to work with some awesome panels.

They engage different players in the music industry in a cross-professional dialogue: from the right-holders such as artists and manangers, labels, producers, to publishing and collecting societies, the media (magazines, radio, TV) as well as the live music organizations! Among the hot topics discussed at the conference portion of the festival include production, business models, art direction, discography, new and growing technologies, communications, event marketing, sustainability, and more!

Break your way into the Italian market and join us for these wonderful music and networking events!