#talents and Waves Vienna Insights

September 17, 2018

We’re just under a week away from our Austrian #festival and #conference, Waves Vienna! And we here at INES wanted to give you an insight to what #talents will be taking the stage the 27th through 29th of September in Austria’s first club and showcase festival that’s taking place in Vienna!

Open up your schedule book and take notes as we present this year’s INES#talents at Waves Vienna in Austria:


Thursday the 27th:

Futurski (SI)         –         8:15PM @ Ottakringer Stage

Haiku Garden (SI)        –         6:30PM @ WUK Halle


Friday the 28th:

Bowrain (SI)       –         9:15PM @  WUK Project Room

Noiserv (PT)       –         7:00PM @ Ottakringer Stage

False Advertising (UK)       –         8:30PM @ WUK Beisl


Saturday the 29th:

Bergfilm (DE)       –         9:15PM @ Aula

:papercutz (PT)       –         8:30PM @ WUK Beisl

We Bless This Mess (PT)       –         9:15PM @ Clash


Waves Vienna’s motto is „East meets West“; numerous international alternative, electronic, rock, and club acts will be performing around Vienna’s 9th district. Additionally, local artists and sophisticated musicians from Eastern Europe form an essential part of the festival’s programme.

This year, Waves Vienna will welcome two countries as special guests: Portugal and Slovakia. True to the motto “East Meets West”, there will be a focus on acts from these countries in the live programme. The Waves Vienna Music Conference will furthermore devote a part of its programme to the respective music markets and scenes of these two countries.

Remember to mark your calendars for our #talents and enjoy the upcoming artists, incredible panels, and the beautiful city of Vienna this upcoming week.