INES#talent is a programme to enable promising talents from all participating countries to drive their international careers forward by performing at showcase festivals all over Europe.

Each INES partner nominates around 10 promising and exportable artists from their own country for the INES#talent pool. In the following year, all festivals will book foreign artists out of this #talent pool.

1. For your INES#talent application you will need to create a gigmit profile or log in if you already have one.
2. With this profile you will be applying as a #talent, so please make sure that all information is complete and up-to-date.
3. At the end of the application you will confirm the conditions of participation. If your application is successful, you will receive a confirmation email.

– Applications are closed –
Who are the festival partners and countries involved?

12 European countries are represented in the #talent programme by the INES partners and members

What is the benefit of being an INES#talent?

2019 all INES festivals together offer more than 100 slots to the artists in the INES#talent pool.

Each booked #talent is offered a minimum package of:

min. 250€ fee
(plus VAT)
per act and festival
Accommodation or compensation for accommodation
Basic backline (amp, drum kit, no guitars)
Festival passes & one conference ticket
Catering or buyout
NO compensation of travel costs
support can be applied for at national export offices
How does the nomination process work?

1. Application

artists from all participating countries can apply (application deadline: 31.07.2018)

2. Nomination

each partner selects 10 artists from its own country out of the applicants and nominates them to the INES#talent pool

3. Announcement

The #talents 2019 will be announced in October 2018, the #talent status begins with 01.01.2019 and is valid for one year.
What will your commitments be?
You should be available at min. 6 out of 12 festival dates
You commit to the offered compensation package
You agree to your artist name being associated with the INES programme (e.g.: online, on stages, in festival programmes)
Apply for INES#talent 2019